How often do you have control over the scene you want to photograph? The Street Photography School is a place where you can learn how to take great photographs in any situation. It is a place where you can learn the most efficient and easy way of setting up and understanding your camera in exciting and interesting environments.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, intermediate, or experienced photographer, or simply planning an epic holiday, The Street Photography School will lift the quality of your photography and improve your camerawork, ideas and success rates. Your teacher is Award-winning Photographer and Film Director Luke Forsythe. Luke is a born and bred Londoner with loads of experience teaching Street Photography and mentoring talent, and communicates the principles and processes that get results in a simple and uncomplicated way.

How are these classes different from many street classes? Many classes are walkabouts with a few exercises, where teachers insist you shoot manual. The Street Photography School's classes are kept small, so there’s always time for personal attention. They also focus as much on what to look for as how to get the best shot. Classes are full of shortcuts around the camera and simple techniques on how to behave and think, so you can concentrate on observing the environment rather than staring at your camera. I don't believe technical jargon is helpful however experienced you are so you are more likely to hear about the OWL, WOLF and MAGPIE technique as a metaphor for how to improve.

Together, the classes give you the opportunity to develop and practice each of the key elements of photography, one step at a time, alongside a working professional. It’s all uniquely instructional and based around great locations. Ask any questions you may have as you learn to see through the eyes of an expert, refining your own unique perspective and developing your ability to record it.


I enjoyed it (the introductory course) greatly. It was a lot more creative than other courses I have done and it opened my eyes up to the possibilities. Really good for ideas and composing shots. The debrief of our pictures was brilliant.



Overall a really great course. Luke is an inspiring teacher. Was really great to have the opportunity to have someone coming at it with more of a fine art eye than someone really hung up on exposure for instance. It taught me more about 'different ways of seeing' than I could have expected, and re-ignited a bit of my dormant love for London, all too easily lost in the daily stress of life. Plus loads more about pushing limits, framing, capturing shots etc. I liked it all, especially the wolf/magpie/owl metaphor which was so much easier to get into than getting bogged down on technical side of things.     

                                                                                     - KATHLEEN